In manufacturing its furniture, Doimo Cityline uses quality materials that comply with European and international environmental standards. Panels, for example, emit very low quantities of formaldehide (under one third of legal requirements) and are recyclable, as are the packing and other components of our products. Non-toxic paints are used for all lacquered parts.

Product research

Doimo Cityline bases part of its product research on careful market analysis and constant observation of changing habits in our society. The intent is to offer continuously new ideas to meet the needs of those who wish to furnish their home functionally, to modern taste. With this in mind, the company co-operates actively with designers and planners for the common aim of developing constant research into products and new production technologies.

Tailor-made furniture
Doimo Cityline produces modular programmes that provide an infinite number of compositions. Thanks to new technologies used at the design stage, the modular units can be made to measure without compromising their aesthetic/functional characteristics and the quality of the same piece in normal production. Visit our site for further information about our products, company and the interactive services we offer. These include "On-line Architect", where you can ask for a layout and follow the instructions to achieve the ideal solution for your requirements. Our site is recommended by

ISO 9001 - 14001 certifications

Doimo Cityline has achieved Certification of ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management Standards. This guarantees the quality of our products and services in seeking the right, most effective solutions for continuous improvement of the production system. Functionality, duration, and ergonomics are the values expressed by our products, enhanced by the experience accumulated in qualified test laboratories in the timber sector.

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