Barbie Romantik
Kids bedroom Barbie Romantik Study, but always happy! The study corner of the little badroom Barbiemakes everything more cheerful and attractive. Kids bedroom Barbie Romantic accessories A Barbie bedroom is the most beautiful place to play, or when you grow up, to spend time with friends. Kids bedroom Barbie Ponte Trandy A bed sofa with surprise. The Barbie bedroom is also a nice decorated bridge wardrobe. ids bedroom Barbie Joy or Sweet Small living room, study room, bedroom...there is all! Barbie style in everything. How many hearts on Barbie bedroom. Kids bedroom Barbie Gloss The bedroom where is always spring. Imagination has wings of a butterfly. Kids bedroom Barbie Glam Barbie magic all around you! Open your heart to imagination!! Kids bedroom Barbie Cipria Diamond Follow the curves of harmony. Barbie bedroom is made of customized furniture. Kids bedroom Barbie white Diamond With the butterflies from flower to flower. Barbie bedroom for decoration. Barbie kids bedroom accessories The objects that complete Barbie bedroom. So many bright ideas make a room, a dream room.
Line of kids bedrooms dedicated to the little girls loving the fairy – tales world devoted to the most original doll. Do you remember the fairy – tales castles? Did they make you dream, didn't they? So this line of kids bedrooms was born specifically designed for little girls and inspired to the doll and that makes these furniture fantastic and original, with solutions like the shaped headboard Diamondand padded with capitonné hand working and embroidered with paillettes and strass. The little girls will be so happy to live their little home. Ideal for little girls, the line offers several variations: Romantik, Tandy, Joy, Sweet, Gloss, Galm, Diamond, and Diamante Line, in finishes from white to pink powder. Doimo City Line realizes programs to allow infinite compositive solutions for kids , boys and girls bedrooms. They include beds, kids beds, cabinets, desk with bed set. The living space of the kids bedrooms is the center of the daily life of children, boys and girls. The development of the Doimo City Line kids bedrooms starts from the research on the product with a careful analysis of the market and with a constant observation of the market itself.